Siraka (siraka) wrote in ethikos,

you may not care about this, still...

I hope I don�t invite negative attention, but given the title of the community it might be beneficial to know the following.

From an academic standpoint, the discussion of ethics would have nothing to do with a particular value nor specific belief. That is left to the subject of morality.

There is a difference between ethics and morals.
- morals being comprised of the beliefs, values, and conduct of specific individuals or groups � what is right or wrong/higher or lower.
- ethics in general being the examination & juxtaposition of the different systems of moralistic philosophy such as skepticism, subjectivism, hedonism, pragmatism, etc. OR the overall code of a philosopher, system, group, etc.

I know, I know, it�s just semantics.
just FYI
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